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About Pure Boredom

Pure Boredom: A [Quick] History

Pure Boredom started out as a name to add to any Gaming videos I made, from City of Heroes to World of Warcraft, and any Short Films we made. Over time it evolved into what you see today.

The Middle

Over time, Pure Boredom evolved into what you see today, except there was a lot more ideas floating around. Many of them way out of reach of what we could do, and can still do.

Many show ideas came and went, including Boxset, a TV review show, originally it was going to review full Television Series, then when that became harder due to time constraints, it went to review Pilot or First episodes of the series. None of that worked and only one episode was filmed and never shown to anyone.

Along with Boxset, Stoned Reviews was developed to review the Bottom 100 of the IMDB List, along with a story line, again time constraints stopped this idea, although 2 episodes where scripted.

There were other ideas for shows, but the less said about them, the better.

Somewhere around the End

After Boxset and Stoned Reviews where scrapped, we started to record Podcasts, one that dealt with the News of the Week, called, unsurprisingly, The News This Week and Got Game, a review of the weeks Video Game news and Release dates.

Although Got Game was initially successful, scheduling lead to a quick demise after 5 episodes.

Present Day

We have started to become more focused on what Pure Boredom is, starting slow with 2 shows:

Pure Boredom Tries – Where Ed and I try Unusual, Limited Edition and World Foods. Its one of the easiest, but most expensive shows in Pure Boredom’s library and the plan is to get one out each month.

Got Game – The recreation of our Video Game podcast in video form, without any corporate BS you see in other magazine style shows to do with Video Gaming.

DancingBeaver: Live – Live Streaming Lets Plays. There is no scheduled (at least, not yet), I stream when I stream.

The Future

If Got Game becomes, somewhat successful, there are ideas to bring back The News This Week as a cross between Newsnight and The Daily Show, released weekly. Except its going to be hard work with it being weekly.

A New Home – Pure Boredom isn’t just for the core group (see below), sometime in the future, others can join and post to Pure Boredom, creating a network of video makers.

Final Words

Life is what you make of it, we make videos and have fun doing it. Turning this into a full time thing would be one of the best things that we could do and with you’re help, we can do this. We are here to Entertain and Inform and have fun doing it.

Who We Are

Key Staff
Anthony “DancingBeaver” Jackson
Does Everything, Including Founder of Pure Boredom
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Ed “Gonzo” Coulson
Writer, Director, Producer, Cameraperson, Photographer
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// Steam

Team Pure Boredom
Andrew “Talo” Teasdale
Got Game Presenter, Resident Let’s Player
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