Syphernet Group is currently undergoing a long long overdue maintenance.

For the past couple of years, I have tried to expand the Syphernet Group a bit too fast, along with other commitments.


Things got abandoned and ended up a mess. I got too complacent with "unlimited" space.


Now, to the future - I have moved the entire Network over to a new Host, Nodestack, and with that, I can finally rebuild the entire Network from scratch* and scale back the projects to a more manageable rate.


With the new Host, comes SSL, verified by Let's Encrypt**


With that, I don't know how long [This Site***] will be offline for, its best to keep an eye on my Twitter account for updates.


Cya on the other side,
Anthony "DancingBeaver" Jackson
Founder and CEO - Syphernet Group

* Post and Images will still be there, but the sites/installs will be brand new

** When I figure out what I broke/haven set up with it
*** I would have to make one for each site and I really don't want to, yeah I'm being lazy right now, but I wont be with Syphernet Group itself

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